Welcome and Thank You

Thank you for the continued opportunity to have served you and your patients over the past 28 years.  Very much appreciated and looking forward to many more decades of constantly evolving to present you with the most innovative and current solutions available.

Tropocells PRP Therapy

Create an optimal purified PRP formulation.  Treat all tissue types with one system.  Less injection site pain & post-injection flare-up.

The Tropocells PRP System - Video

Alpha-Stim CES/MET

Helps to treat pain, anxiety, insomnia and depression.  Replicates body's natural biological signal to restore cell function back to optimal state.  New billing code for 2020.


Exceptional Workers' Comp TENS/EMS Program.  OUTSTANDING device and service to you and your patients.  Delivered through long-lasting wireless conductive garments.

Rehab, Pain & Wellness

eorthoTENS.com and the eortho.com Rehab Page have been set up for patients to seamlessly select and order some of the more commonly requested items.  Constantly evolving to best serve.