Alpha-Stim CES/MET

Pain, Anxiety, Insomnia and Depression

Delivers complex spectrum of targeted electrical intervention to promote healthy and restorative neural communication.


Rehab, Pain and Performance and the Rehab Page have been set up for patients to seamlessly select and order some of the more commonly requested items.



Exceptional Workers' Comp TENS/EMS Program.  Outstanding device and service to you and your patients.  Delivered through long-lasting wireless conductive garments.


Pain Management Technologies

Leaders in Electrotherapy and Rehabilitation

Proudly serving the VA Health System and private practice nationwide and beyond.

Extreme Quality and Value

PMT Catalog

MoMed CBD Lotion

Exceptional combination of ingredients to complement the properties of CBD.  Patients may order directly or dispensed from your office.  Please inquire for pricing.


WynnPharm Glucosamine

The highest quality ingredients.  Much better than the marketing-driven options.  Patients may order directly or dispensed from your office.  Please call for samples.